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National Family Caregiver Month - The Dedication of a Family Caregiver

Discover more about the various challenges of being a caregiver and why they deserve the spotlight.

Image source: Nicola Barts

November marks the start of National Family Caregiver Month. According to the Caregiver Action Network, 14% of family caregivers care for a special needs child, with an estimated 16.8 million caring for special needs children under 18 years old. 55% of these caregivers care for their own children. Taking on the role of a caregiver is an extremely important task, which not many adults expect to have to take on in their lives.

This year, the theme of Family Caregiver Month is “Caregiving Around the Clock.” Those who dedicate their time to being a caregiver for a family member are spending countless amounts of hours putting the needs of their loved one above their own. From coordinating schedules to cooking and cleaning and overall making sure their family member is safe and being cared for.

Sponsors of the Future understands that with these hours spent focusing on caregiving, it can become difficult to find all the proper resources and insights needed to ensure you are fully prepared. This is one of the reasons we started the Educational Speaker Series. With this series, experts from various fields will come together through a series of educational webinars to share their insights that help all caregivers and parents to guide their kids during the transition. All speakers bring topics and expertise that matter to everybody, ranging from career development, guardianship, financial planning, and others.

Join us for our next session on December 5th, from December 5th from 5:30 pm to 6:30 pm EST with speakers Patrick Sier and Erin Hayner. This session aims to provide insights and resources to caregivers and parents to guide children with different abilities on Legal Guardianship, Special Needs Planning issues, and Able accounts. Learn more here.

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