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Why Work with Us?

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As a Parent

Everyone deserves to have the same opportunities.


Some just need more support to get there. For those with neurodivergent difficulties, life is spent on the sidelines.


Individualized care and specific needs often place them on the outskirts, leaving them with a sense of “otherness.”


The pressure should not be on you alone.


With a lack of understanding from their peers and bare-minimum support programs available, it often comes down to the parent to put the right pieces together to help their children and teens succeed.

While parents seek to fill emotional and educational gaps by simultaneously playing the role of a friend, caretaker, and after-school teacher, they are often left behind by society.  


Get the support they need.

Every parent deserves the joy of seeing their child reach independence - no matter how that may appear.  For many parents, the unknown and lack of structure that lies ahead after the high school years can be frightening, but it doesn't have to be.


Sponsors of the Future will work with your family to prepare for college, the workforce, and other alternative pathways that are best suited for your teen.


SoF knows that no one’s goals and no parent’s needs are too small. We put the pieces together to fulfill both.

Find real solutions and strategies.


With an ecosystem of medical professionals, businesses, teachers, and solution developers, SoF programs enable children and teens to acquire new life and social skills, getting them one step closer to independence.

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Seeking support for your child or teen?

Looking for a program that doesn’t exist yet?

Let us know how we can help you.


As a Sponsor

Make authentic connections in the market.

Life science and healthcare companies exist to improve people’s health and lives.

You innovate new products, services, and solutions – perhaps they are the best in the industry.

Yet, you recognize that success is not a direct result of just making a great product. 

It is crucial for your company to connect with patients you serve and their doctors, caregivers, teachers, and families on a deeper level.

Create meaningful relationships. Establish positive brand goodwill.

Are you missing a direct connection to your core patients?

How do you connect directly to your relevant ecosystem of patients, partners, advocates, and other stakeholders?

Make new connections.

Introducing a unique direct connection platform.

SoF facilitates truly human connections built on corporate responsibility to enable market penetration from the inside, exactly where you are needed the most.

Become a sponsor.

Make an impact. Kill two birds with one stone.

Accomplish your goals in a unique way that makes a real impact on the daily lives of children with disabilities.

Through SoF, you can directly support your target community at home and in schools, healthcare facilities, and other settings. The possibilities are endless.

Advocate for children in need of support while building public trust in the US.

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Review programs that you can support immediately.

Don't see the program that fits your needs? We can innovate together.

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