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Program Overview

"As an educator and a business professional, I have always tried to bridge the gap between the classroom and the real world. I am very passionate about creating the same bridge for our kids with different abilities as the current programs have limitations and are not as inclusive. This is why I co-founded SoF. There are many companies and professionals who strongly believe in inclusivity and want to do something about it." 
-Co-Founder, Suzy Im



Education. Advocacy. Inclusivity.

Each child is unique and comes with their own passions, personalities, and goals for the future.  No one can set the limits on their future and dreams. 

When we give them opportunities to learn and grow, they will become one step closer to those dreams while continuing to become a strong individual in their own way.  

Our collective support will make a meaningful difference in their lives according to their own point of view.  While we also work to create a more inclusive society, it is first and foremost vital for them to progress in their personal goals and have a sense of pride that comes from within.

Together, we can create programs such as skill training classes, peer mentoring sessions, summer camps, family advocacy/support, and beyond.

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We can work with you to create a program that fits your community's needs.

Our ongoing support systems help cultivate independence before, during, and after high school in different ways.


Our Pen Pal Program connects new friends with similar passions.


Career Path Prep is designed to facilitate long-term success through career mentoring.


SoF Star Spotlight motivates kids and teens to pursue their goals, while supporting others’ inspirational stories. 


With your support, we can create many more programs for our kids and teens to reach their full potential.

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