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SoF Star Spotlight

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Meet real teens who know the sky's the limit.

Each month we showcase ambitious teens reaching toward their goals.


Whether it be a new skill, a hobby, or an accomplishment, we want to spotlight their success (and reward their bravery).


Every SoF Star is celebrated with a customized certificate and a surprise gift to continue motivating their achievements.

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November SoF Star Spotlight


13-year-old Jeremy from Rhode Island is already making strides to enter the entrepreneurial world and ensures to spread kindness as well.


“I have many big accomplishments that I think are very important to me. Some of them are being able to help other people and spread kindness. My personal ones are working hard to make a website, seeing some results and practicing a lot for running and improving.”

SoF has selected Jeremy to be the Star Spotlight for the month of November. Jeremy is not only caring and passionate about spreading kindness to those around him, but he is already showing his ambition for success by running his own website. To learn more about Jeremy, check out our blog post here.

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