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These social media stars with disabilities are taking the internet by storm

Updated: Jun 4, 2022

Two social media stars who never let challenges get in the way of reaching their dreams

Image source: Bangor Daily News

A difficulty should never prevent anyone from pursuing their dreams of becoming a social media star. These two creators have let nothing stand in their way, and have formed a following beyond their wildest imagination.

Adam Libby - Sharing his Recipes with the World

Adam Libby comes from a town in Maine with a population of less than 3,000 people, but his TikTok account has grown him a following of over 1.7 million people. With the help of his twin sister Emily and her wife, Adam has found a passion for sharing his favorite recipes online. Adam was born with Down Syndrome and loves being able be an inspiration for children facing these challenges to look up to, something he never had as a child.

Image source: Bangor Daily News

Not only has TikTok given Adam a massive following, but his sister claims it has given much a much greater sense of independence and confidence. She says she never thought he would be able to make something like homemade pizza on his own, but now he is known online as “Chef Adam” In October of 2022, Adam was featured in a video for the National Down Syndrome Society. He was also flown to Las Vegas in April of 2022 where he was entered into the Cheer Choice Awards, an award show that honors creators who spread positivity through their platform. Adam beat 16 other creators and won the award in the cooking category of the competition.

Nicole Parish - Turning her Special Interest into a Career

Nicole Parish is 25 years old, and has a fairly uncommon special interest. Ever since she was a child, years before she was officially diagnosed with autism, Parish has found a passion for insects.

Parish began making TikTok videos to share the library of knowledge she has about insects. She also decided to share her artwork that she creates to support herself. Her eye for detail gives her the ability to create incredibly realistic drawings and paintings of bugs, which she sells on her website. She has even worked with museums, creating art pieces for exhibits.

Image source: NicoleParishArt

Parish has since grown a following of over 2.5 million followers on TikTok. She decided to open a P.O. box, where fans have started sending her anything from shadowboxes of insects to plushies and soft blankets. She posted the videos of her opening the mail to thank the senders, and was not afraid to hide how excited she was for even the smallest of packages. This gained attention from many TikTok viewers, leading them to follow Parish even if they did not typically enjoy content like hers.

These social media creators have formed amazing platforms that allow them to share their passion and set an example for others with difficulties. Sponsors of the Future loves being able to spotlight talented individuals like Nicole and Adam, and show that no disability should stop someone from making a career on social media.



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