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How to Get Involved


For Caregivers

Get the support your loved one needs to succeed. 

The SoF community was put together for people like you, by people like you. Parents, siblings, and caregivers of those with challenges are the founding members of SoF.

We understand how it feels to be pushed aside by society and want to serve as a guiding ecosystem for your child or loved one’s future.


For Teachers

Enable students to continue learning the skills they require after school hours.

The American education system was not built to offer customized support to each student. While you strive to help every student reach their goals, some have unique needs that cannot be easily learned in a classroom setting. 

We extend learning beyond the classroom to teach those with emotional, behavioral, and learning challenges new strategies for success.

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For Businesses

You spend years trying to make a difference in your respective market, wouldn’t it be nice to see an immediate impact?

Whether you serve as a local business owner or an executive of an international conglomerate, you want to align your brand with your stakeholders’ values. From consumers to investors, US decision-makers now expect higher levels of corporate responsibility and transparency from companies. 


SoF enables your business to serve as grassroots movement leaders within communities that lack vital healthcare and educational resources.


For Students

Become a true advocate for people not so different from you.

Often the most significant challenge that those with disabilities face is a lack of acceptance from their peers. No child should be isolated for their differences.

We know that your unique set of hobbies, interests, and skills can directly help those who are typically not given the opportunity to learn them. 

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For Allies

Join SoF in fundraising for the future of those who are often excluded from life.

Any donation amount can make a difference for children facing challenges. Raising funds enables SoF to expand our programming to more audiences across the country.

We rely on the generosity of our donors to connect families experiencing difficulties with the help that they desperately need.

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