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Michele Nadeem-Baker - Patient Advocate and Influencer


I dream of the day when healthcare and life sciences companies really consider patient[’s] whole being and their caregivers. And that they realize that everything does help. That they do want to be treated as if they are having a normal life - they would like to have as normal a life as possible."

Michele was at the height of her career when she was diagnosed with leukemia. Eager to continue working her dream job as the Chief Communications Officer for a multibillion-dollar publicly traded global company, Michele immediately asked her doctor what she could do. 

She requested more information to take an active role in her health. He responded that he'd see her in four months and not to worry.

“I left, and I went home into the fetal position. He had no literature for me; he had no organization to point me to. And it was not good, especially since I like to know what's going on."”

Rather than taking her doctor’s advice to essentially do nothing, Michele took action. While battling her own fight with cancer, Michele made it her mission to connect patient communities with the resources that they needed. Before beginning chemotherapy, Michele started a new job as a reporter for Patient Power, an online educational media outlet for patients.

- Michele, Patient Engagement Program

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