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Our Mission

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“Everyone says that the children are our future. That’s certainly true, but the problem with that is that our children are not really part of that future.”

Too often, society views those with unique challenges and disabilities through one lens only. We are dismantling the single-story narrative by proving that anyone is capable of reaching their full potential. They just haven’t been given the resources they need to do so.

“We need to make a real effort to include them and find a place for them where they can fit into the future.”


Sponsors of the Future (SoF) is a non-profit organization that sees beyond one’s unique difficulties, recognizing that there is more in life to be defined by than our differences. SoF empowers those with neurodivergent challenges to be courageous, ambitious, independent, and, most importantly, happy.

Our mission is to connect different stakeholders to form ecosystems that support the neurodivergent community, through education, advocacy, and inclusion for a brighter, more independent future.

Lauren, Head of Community Relations for SoF and mother of a child with autism discusses the gaps that her son experienced growing up.

“This is going to be the avenue that opens up the path for our kids.”

SoF bridges the gap between separate entities that are meant to work together. We develop ecosystems that facilitate strong connections and partnerships between businesses and the target communities they serve, which include individuals with challenges and their caregivers, educators, doctors, parents, local stakeholders, and more.

We create programming for those with both visible and invisible disabilities through these ecosystems that empower them to live meaningful and independent lives by cultivating important life and social skills.

As everyone and their needs are different, this is done through consultation with their family to shape a unique curriculum for their gifts and challenges.

At SoF, we believe that a disability is not a limitation, but a product of external systems’ limitations to see their potential.

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Our Mission




“We want to create a world where our kids are included, in a meaningful capacity, like all the other kids that are growing up.

To do that, we need your support.”

Leveraging sponsorship, SoF aims to create programs & ecosystems to support children and teens for a brighter tomorrow through


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SoF puts the pieces together to propel those with challenges and disabilities into a brighter, more independent future.



The most impactful skills that those with disabilities need are ones that regular school systems and medical professionals are not equipped to provide or claim are impossible to achieve.



External resources that may serve this purpose are minimal, expensive, and unproductive, resulting in fragmented support if any. SoF establishes ecosystems that can fill this gap of care in a customized and comprehensive way. We facilitate independence through tailored education from life and social skills to professional career training.

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Many families in this position are overwhelmed with day-to-day tasks and feel unsupported by traditional systems. Whether it be educational, medical, or societal, action is needed.

The most meaningful difference comes from listening to their struggles and focusing on what they expressly identify as needing to be addressed.  SoF accomplishes this by equipping children, teens, and their parents with tools for self-advocacy or by creating tailored solutions and incorporating the right people into the ecosystem.



Those with disabilities are often marginalized and seen as an afterthought in societal organizations. Rejection is faced not only by peers but also by those expected to provide the most support.

Implicit bias forces a false narrative upon many children with challenges. SoF empowers the underestimated by breaking down these barriers, ultimately dismantling perceptual bias. We believe in forming compassionate, open-minded communities as the foundation for acceptance. 

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