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Prepare Kids For Career Success

Is your child or teenager looking for their first job? Are they thinking about their future career? Do they know their passion can be turned into a business or entrepreneurial venture?

Bridge the Gap between the Classroom and the Professional World

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Sponsors of the Future (SoF), a Rhode Island-based nonprofit dedicated to facilitating strong connections between local communities and businesses to create a more significant impact in neurodivergent communities, is hosting its 1st Career & Entrepreneurship Skills Camp from August 7th to August 8th, 2024, at the Varnum House Museum yard and Academy Science Center located in historic East Greenwich, RI. Last year, SoF hosted our 1st successful Life Skills Boot Camp (see video here)! We are excited to expand our annual programming with this year’s focus on exploring career paths and entrepreneurship skills.

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Our Career & Entrepreneurship Skills Camp will focus on career and entrepreneurship advancement for young adults of all abilities, including the neurodivergent community, with the goal of bridging the gap between the classroom and the real world. The event will include fun and educational activities (such as creating crafts, jewelry, cooking experiences) with speaker sessions, career/entrepreneurship-focused workshops, and field trips (such as visiting a local farm, tech centers, and shops), showcasing a wide range of startup and career paths.

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For the career and entrepreneurship experience, SoF plans to include financial literacy and real-life business experiences for the participants to produce and sell products, which will help them better understand money exchange and profit margins (revenues and costs). We plan to include stations for students to explore different areas and set up field trips to tour local businesses, partnering with organizations such as vocational schools, programs with robotics and emerging technology associations, craft fairs and shop owners.

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Incorporated in East Greenwich, Rhode Island, SoF is dedicated to facilitating strong connections between local communities and businesses to create a more significant impact in neurodivergent communities. SoF creates community programs for all with the mission to connect the different stakeholders to form ecosystems that support the neurodivergent community and others, through education, advocacy, and inclusion.

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In July 2023, Sponsors of the Future kicked off its first annual summer program, a Life Skills Boot Camp, collaborating with businesses from the local East Greenwich community to jump-start FAST learning! The camp taught participants about critical skills such as the importance of self-control and the decision-making process when dealing with health, food, and money.

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Our 2024 Career & Entrepreneurship camp aims to provide young adults with the resources and skills needed for career advancement and growth while teaching them how to turn their passions into businesses. We hope to continue to create many more programs like this to work towards our mission of education, advocacy, and inclusion for a brighter, more independent future, not only for the kids but also for the community.

Testimonials from Parents and Sponsors:


Angela Biederman,
VP / Branch Manager, Bank Newport

The kids were so engaged and it was such a great experience to host them on their journey learning about important life skills!


Medea Sargsyan,
Yoga Instructor


Thank you for the opportunity to be part of such a great event…teaching yoga to beautiful souls brings me great joy.


Yeaseul Park,
Co-President, Orange Biomed

I am so happy for Sponsors of the Future and their success during their first-ever Life Skills Boot Camp last month!

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