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Sponsors of the Future is proud to introduce its educational speaker series in 2023 and beyond.

"All proceeds help create more programs while reinforcing the importance of inclusivity for all, not just within neurodivergent communities. We aim to maximize our local efforts to effect large-scale change. Global inclusivity starts with our communities." 
-Aditi Maheshwari, Head of Sponsorship

Our goal is to lead the movement to be the voice of inclusion and diversity from schools to workplaces. 


Experts from various fields will come together through a series of educational webinars to share their insights that help all caregivers and parents to guide their kids during the transition. All speakers bring topics and expertise that matter to everybody, ranging from career development, guardianship, financial planning, and others.

2023 Featured Speakers


Erin Hayner

Legal Advocate, SoF

4th Judicial District (NY) at Office of Court Administration


Erin Hayner serves as an attorney with over ten years of national litigation experience in civil litigation, now practicing in the Capitol District area and Saratoga County. She brings the knowledge gained from years of litigating high verdict value cases from initiation to trial back to the upstate New York area.  She is part of the SoF team leadership team and will speak about her mission for equality for all in the neurodivergent community and guardianship.


Rebecca Beam

Founder & CEO at Zavikon

Passionate Leader in Disability and Neurodivergent employment. Changing the employment outcomes for the underserved.


At Zavikon, they believe that there is a job for everyone to apply their talents and skills in a meaningful way. Their mission is to match qualified candidates with disabilities or those who are neurodivergent with employers who believe inclusion is the future. Zavikon is the bridge to inclusion. Read more.


Patrick Sier, CFP, CRPC, ChSNC

President of Advisory Services of New England

 As a father of a special needs child and as a Chartered Special Needs Consultant, Patrick is the President of Advisory Services of New England a full-service wealth management organization offering services, with a focus on investments, retirement planning, estate planning for special needs as well as other consulting services. Read more.

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Contact us to participate as a speaker with expertise in the areas of career development, guardianship, financial planning, and other.

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