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Life Skills Boot Camp

Boost kids with REAL WORLD Application

"As an educator and a business professional, I have always tried to bridge the gap between the classroom and the real world. I am very passionate about creating the same bridge for our kids with different abilities as the current programs have limitations and are not as inclusive. This is why I co-founded SoF. There are many companies and professionals who strongly believe in inclusivity and want to do something about it." 
-Co-Founder, Suzy Im


On July 27, 2023, Sponsors of the Future kicked off its first in-person Life Skill Lesson Series with real businesses from the local East Greenwich community to maximize FAST learning, while having fun!


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This one-day boot camp consisted of learning about critical skills with local sponsors like banks, gyms, and grocery stores with locally grown products to teach kids about the importance of self-control and the decision-making process when dealing with health, food, and money. It was specially curated for ALL kids between the ages of 10 - 16 years to learn first-hand from local professional trainers, bankers, dieticians, and more!

Participating kids learned how to increase coordination, speed, and strength from the Youth Program Development Director at Healthtrax. They learned about the value of saving money at an early age from Bank Newport as well as choosing the right type of food from Dave's Marketplace — all while having fun! 

The afternoon session consisted of SoF Survival Game for Team Building Activity by BDMT Global, a soccer session by East Greenwich Challenger Youth Sports to learn about sportsmanship, and a special yoga session with Medea Sargsyan to learn about self-control and internal power.
A Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN), with over 22 years, 15 of those years in pediatrics including being a classroom nurse in special education for 10 years, also assisted the camp.

To celebrate the accomplishments of the children for the successful completion of the 1st Life Skills Boot Camp, SoF conducted a small ceremony to give out the SoF Life Skill Certificate during SoF’s first Annual Fundraiser on 28th of July (the next day of the camp). The kids' dinner was sponsored by Orange Biomed, one of the sponsor companies with cutting-edge diabetes management technology that aims to promote healthy minds and healthy bodies.

Our Boot Camp Partners

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Angela Biederman,
VP / Branch Manager, Bank Newport

The kids were so engaged and it was such a great experience to host them on their journey learning about important life skills!


Medea Sargsyan,
Yoga Instructor


Thank you for the opportunity to be part of such a great event…teaching yoga to beautiful souls brings me great joy.


Yeaseul Park,
Co-President, Orange Biomed

I am so happy for Sponsors of the Future and their success during their first-ever Life Skills Boot Camp last month!

Thank you to all who came together to teach kids of ALL abilities critical life skills to facilitate and celebrate independence. Through programs like this, SoF aims to be the voice of global inclusion, starting from our local communities. With our community's support, we hope to continue to create many more programs like this for a brighter, more independent future.

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Sponsors of the Future (SoF), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization incorporated in EG, Rhode Island, is dedicated to facilitating strong connections between local communities and businesses to create a more significant impact in neurodivergent communities. SoF creates community programs for ALL with the mission to connect the different stakeholders to form ecosystems that support the neurodivergent community and others, through education, advocacy, and inclusion.

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