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SoF Fundraising Initiatives

With the support of our sponsors, Sponsors of the Future has been able to host various events to spread our inclusivity mission.

We will continue to host additional events in order to ensure we reach as many communities as possible. We are dedicated to creating programming to empower neurodivergent children and teens to live independent lives by connecting the different stakeholders to form ecosystems that support the neurodivergent community, through education, advocacy, and inclusion. Your support for this event will help create life-skill educational programs for the local RI-based neurodivergent community in 2023.


Where do your donations go?

Your donations directly fund programs that make life stage transitions easier such as skill training classes, peer mentoring sessions, career preparation, family advocacy/support, and beyond.

SoF programs–local and global–will give children and teens with neurodivergent disabilities opportunities to learn and grow. Through these programs, they will become one step closer to achieving their individual dreams.

Orangetheory Fitness and Sponsors of the Future Hosts “Caring for the Caregivers” First Fundraising Class

On December 3rd, Orangetheory Fitness in East Greenwich RI hosted the first ever “Caring for the Caregivers” fundraiser workout class. This class provided attendees with an hour-long workout, and a half hour to discuss the importance of SoF’s mission. 
Thank you to all of the fantastic sponsors like Dr. Jart+, Dermafirm USA, Nail POP, Orangetheory Fitness, Puripot, Radio Entrepreneurs, and BDMT Global. Also special thanks to all the teachers, parents, and other community members who participated in making our event a big success! We greatly appreciate your support.


SoF is dedicated to working with communities and businesses to create a more significant impact and participate in a widespread movement to educate the world about building emotional connections with neurodivergent communities. Our mission is to connect the different stakeholders to form ecosystems that support the neurodivergent community, through education, advocacy, and inclusion.

If you are a business that is interested in hosting an event such as this, contact us here.

Take a look at the photos from our event:

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Emerson Best Buddies and Sponsors of the Future

Sponsors of the Future and Emerson College Best Buddies hosted a “Caring for the “Caregivers” event on November 16th. This event allowed members to connect with other caregivers and share joy for the holidays.


Thank you so much to all the members of the Emerson Best Buddies who joined our event. We are so honored to be able to engage with the Emerson College communities to spread awareness of our inclusivity mission.

Contact us to learn how you can participate in upcoming events and support us in our inclusivity mission.

Take a look at the photos from our event:

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Do You Want to Become a Sponsor of the Future?

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Fuel Your Independence Kickoff Fundraiser


This Fourth of July, we fueled independence for those often left out of the celebration. Our limited-time, limited-edition T-Shirt fundraiser, helped fund 2022-2023 SoF flagship programs across the country.


Your donations enabled us to advocate for everyone’s independence, including children and teens with neurodivergent disabilities, all year round. From life and social skills to professional career training, SoF aims to facilitate––and celebrate––independence through tailored education.


Thank you to all of our supporters for helping us reach our goals!

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