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Sponsors of the Future Vision Committees


Board of Directors

Each board member is an industry expert with years of personal and professional experience, bringing a unique perspective that ultimately guides SoF’s positive mission into the real world.

Caregiver Committee

To best understand the niche needs of those with difficulties, we’ve turned directly to their primary supporters.


All of us, from parents to siblings and everyone in between, know that everyone with challenges has different guiding forces in their lives. You are the ones on the front lines every day fighting for equal treatment in learning, social, medical, and professional working environments. We’re here to listen and help with the planning and execution of programs as you share your ideas.

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Student Committee

As a student, you have the opportunity to share your hobbies and skills with those most eager to learn. From music to cooking and career mentoring, help form and participate in programs that align with your passions.

Often the most prominent challenge those with disabilities face is a lack of tailored programs to cater to their specific needs and interests. This is your opportunity to create an impact by helping develop various programs.

Earn community service and career experience by volunteering.

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