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Pen Pal Program

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We believe that friendships are formed from a combination of common interests and compassion.


Our Pen Pal Program connects people across the country with inclusivity allies - others with similar passions.


To encourage a safe, respectful environment, SoF volunteers arrange all activities and communications. Protecting participants’ well-being while fueling their happiness is our main priority.


Virtually, we plan anything from safe video gaming sessions to Zoom chats that help facilitate communication skills.

In person, we encourage Pen Pal Program participants to cheer each other on at sporting events, schedule outings oriented towards mutual hobbies, and more.

Virtual friendships that will last a lifetime

Anika, Shanaya, and Sabrina have only met in person 3 times, but have created a bond that will last a lifetime. Though they live in different states, handwritten letters and Zoom calls have kept their friendship thriving. To read more about their story, click here.


Shanaya, age 8, from NYC writes to friend Sabrina, age 13 in Rhode Island.


Sabrina shares her love for Barbies with her friend Shanaya.


Anika, age 6, from NYC writes to friend Sabrina, age 13 in Rhode Island.


Sabrina shares excitement for helping Anika learn to crochet.

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Additional Information About the Pen Pal Program Coming Soon!

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