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SoF Pen Pals - Virtual Friendships that Will Last a Lifetime

Anika, Shanaya, and Sabrina have only met in person 3 times, but have created a bond that will last a lifetime. Though they live in different states, handwritten letters and Zoom calls have kept their friendship thriving.

Image source: Eren Li

No matter how far away certain people may be, that does not mean you cannot maintain a wonderful friendship. 6-year-old Anika and 8-year-old Shanaya have been friends with 13-year-old Sabrina over the years, despite Anika and Shanaya living in New York while Sabrina lives in Rhode Island.

The girls stay connected through writing letters and Zoom calls, where they can talk about the common interests they have. They have only met 3 times in person, and the girls will finally be meeting again on an upcoming camping trip after so many months of maintaining a friendship with no in-person play dates. Sponsors of the Future is proud to be utilizing our Pen Pal Program to connect children and allow them to maintain friendships like these three girls.

Anika and Sabrina have hours of fun talking together on Zoom, despite having a 7 year age difference between them. The girls first bonded over their love for Peppa Pig. They love to have Zoom calls where they play Peppa Pig together and talk about their favorite episodes. Some of their favorites are the episodes where Peppa and her family go on vacation, and when the family goes bike riding. The online game for Peppa Pig is something else they love to spend time playing together.

Here is a letter Sabrina wrote to Anika through SoF’s Pen Pal Program:

“Dear Anika,

How are you doing? I am so excited to meet you and Shanaya next Thursday! I have been camping before but I know this is your first time camping. I will bring your kits so that way you and can Shanaya can learn how to crochet. And don’t worry Anika Google says child at any age can learn to crochet. Bring Sally and your Barbie dolls so that way we can play Barbies at the hotel. And don’t worry I will bring a few Barbie clothes, accessories, and shoes. The hotel we are going to is the Mariot hotel. The next day we can swim in the pool. Because my mom got a room on the first floor near the pool area. The hours are 7 AM to 10 PM. I can’t wait to see you next Thursday!



The music from the hit film Mamma Mia is something that Shanaya and Sabrina both love. When they Zoom together, they play the soundtrack from the film and dance around their room like no one is watching. The girls also enjoy playing kitchen together.

They make sure to play in their kitchen during their Zoom calls while they make virtual food for each other and feed each other as if they were actually a restaurant. Along with Anika, Shanaya and Sabrina also enjoy playing with their Barbies together. They change Barbie’s clothes and accessories and imagine taking their dolls on lavish vacations.

Here is the letter that Sabrina wrote to Shanaya through SoF’s Pen Pal Program:

“Dear Shanaya,

I hope you’re doing well. I can’t wait to see you next Thursday! My parents and I are going to pick you up from the train station. Then either we go to the Mariott or my house. We are going to swim in the Mariott pool the next day. My mom got a room on the first floor near the pool area. I will bring your kit as well. Bring your Barbie dolls’ shoes, accessories, and dolls. I will bring a few of mine as well. During our camping we will be going to the beach. I know this is your first time camping. I can’t wait to see you next Thursday!



The friendship between Anika, Shanaya, and Sabrina is something that every child deserves to experience. The three girls are so excited to be able to connect through the SoF Pen Pal Program, and even more excited to finally have another play date in person soon.

If you know someone who would be interested in being able to send letters or have phone calls with someone with similar interests to them, please contact us here.


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