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Career Path Prep

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SoF believes that the foundation of facilitating brighter, more independent futures is teamwork.

Career Path Prep is a program that seeks to fuel, highlight, and expand corporate culture towards inclusivity. Working with business professionals, we are committed to creating an ecosystem of career resources and insights for neurodivergent individuals to effectively thrive in the workforce.

From mentoring prospective employees to educating corporate professionals making a difference, Career Path Prep is an ever-growing support system.

Together we can inspire more inclusive, corporate cultures worldwide.

Each month, SoF will profile business leaders that are moving their prospective industries towards inclusivity. From local legends to global corporations, interviews will explore real-time career opportunities and firsthand insights for neurodivergent individuals.

​These true success stories will serve as a beacon for businesses across the globe to do better. By sharing the positive initiatives of corporate inclusivity leaders, we hope to educate and inspire other professionals to join the international inclusion movement.

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Are you a corporate inclusivity leader?

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More Details on Our Career Path Prep Coming Soon!

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Additional career resources from potential employers to mentors are under work.

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