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Making daily living more accessible for anyone facing difficulties

Updated: Jun 4, 2022

From social media to traveling the world: how these organizations are becoming more inclusive to all

Image source: Haley’s Blog

One of Sponsors of the Future’s main goals is to create an inclusive environment for any child with a challenge. This is crucial in making them feel welcomed and independent in any scenario.

Here are two well-known organizations that are making their programs accessible for anyone who wishes to utilize them.

Social Media Becoming More Accessible

Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world, but have you ever thought about how accessible it is for those who are facing difficulties?

Twitter recently realized that they have a lot of work to do in order to be more accessible, and they decided to make some major updates to their site. They formed two new teams, the Accessibility Center of Excellence and the Experience Accessibility Team.

Image source: Keira Burton

The Accessibility Center of Excellence is in charge of setting goals for making Twitter more accessible and working with partners to put those goals into action. The Experience Accessibility Team is set to work directly with the product organization at Twitter to adjust existing features and give them the tools and resources they need to be more accessible.

With these two teams, Twitter has already put plans into action to add automated captions for audio and video clips., and is set to make even more changes to its platform in the upcoming years. Small details like this make a massive difference for those with difficulties.

Giving Disabled Children a Chance to Travel Stress-Free

Many have a fear of flying, but parents with children with challenges have a greater fear of how their children will handle the flight. That is the struggle for Janet Diorio, who has an 8-year-old daughter with autism. Diorio has been dreaming of a trip for years but worried it would never be able to happen.

Image source: CSRWire

American Airlines recognized this common concern and made a huge step in making flying easier for these children. After the program had to come to a pause due to COVID, the “It’s Cool to Fly American Airlines” is officially up and running.

With this program, American Airline employees take families with children with difficulties through the entire airline process, from going through the airport to actually entering the plane. This gives the child a sense of comfort, knowing they will be aware of everything that will happen when they travel. This is a phenomenal program that will make these families have a significantly easier time being able to travel.

There are far too many aspects of society that are not accessible for those who are disabled, and Sponsors of the Future is proud to highlight those who are making a difference. Other organizations can read stories such as this, and take note of ways they should make their services accessible to anyone facing any challenge.



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