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How To Find a Pen Pal

Finding a new pen pal may not be an easy task, but here are some tips to help.

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Having a pen pal is a great way for a child to form a new friendship with someone they may never have had the chance to speak to before. However finding a pen pal, and making sure it is a safe source, may be difficult. Here are some tips to help you secure a new pen pal to create a wholesome bond.

Online groups

Parents, there are thousands of Facebook and Instagram pages dedicated to families and the various hobbies they enjoy. Finding a family through social media and reaching out about your children becoming pen pals is a great technique to connect your child to someone who may have similar interests to them. Whether it is a group that is actually revolved around having a pen pal, or just a group focused on a hobby or interest you have, social media creates a massive opportunity for being able to reach out and start a pen pal connection for your child. This also makes it easy for the parents to connect and communicate with each other as well.

Community Events

Pen pals do not have to live far apart to write letters back and forth! Take your child to a community event, such as a fair or a farmers market. They may run into another child who they would like to become friends with, and the parents can connect and start a pen pal connection between the kids. Their friendship and bond could even grow so high that they will want to spend time together in person, such as having play dates and sleepovers. This may not be typical for all pen pals, but it is another great way to get your child involved in engagement with other kids they may not have met before.

Out of State Friends and Family

Do you have family members or friends with kids who have since moved away from your state? Having your children become pen pals is a great way to keep that connection. Your child may be more interested in writing letters to someone they have already met or heard of before, so this will get them more engaged with having a pen pal. This is also great for if this family member or friend comes to visit your state, or vice versa, so the kids will have more topics to bond over and discuss.

The Sponsors of the Future Pen Pal Program

Sponsors of the Future has our own Pen Pal Program, where we connect kids with similar interests and passions to be able to write letters back and forth and learn more about each other. Check out one of our pen pal success stories here. This program is meant to inspire connections between kids who want to expand their horizons and have more friends from places around the world.

Having a pen pal has many benefits for children such as supporting their growth and development and giving them another way to access new friendships. Pushing to find a simple way to connect your child to a pen pal will be a great memory for them to cherish for many years to come.

If you are interested in participating in this pen pal program, reach out to us here.


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