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What does it mean to be an SoF Star Spotlight feature?

Here are some of the qualities that we look for when selecting a monthly SoF Star Spotlight.

Image source: Olia Danilevich

One of the programs Sponsors of the Future offers is the Star Spotlight program. With this, we select an individual who we believe showcases themselves as a positive role model to those around them. This program motivates kids and teens to pursue their goals while supporting others’ inspirational stories. But what does it really mean to be featured as the monthly Star Spotlight?


Being empathetic simply means you take others' thoughts and feelings into consideration. Having this quality is crucial for people to truly care about those around them, and do anything in their power to make sure their needs are met. Take our August Star Spotlight, Skylar for example. She helps coach cheerleading for her local town. While some team members have been doing the sport for years, others may be in their first year. No matter what skills each child has, Skylar ensures to really focus on how they are feeling and what they need to help them have a positive experience at cheerleading practice. This is one of the key qualities that Skylar possesses that gave us a reason to select her as a Sponsors of the Future Star Spotlight.


Being kind is a simple task that speaks highly about a person’s character. But far too many individuals ignore this and disrespect those around them, unlike our July Star Spotlight Serah. Serah is known by all around her as someone who goes out of her way to be kind to anyone and everyone. She loves being able to help those around her and make them feel good, something that SoF truly appreciates.


Without the proper motivation, very few tasks can be accomplished. Those who want to be an inspiration and positive role model to those around them need to have the proper motivation to accomplish their goals. A star spotlight must be determined to make a name for themselves, and that must come with a sense of motivation. Without motivation, these individuals would not be making the proper effort to show how dedicated they are to making a positive impact on those around them.

We are honored to be able to highlight a select individual each month as a Star Spotlight. Those who make efforts to be a positive influence on their peers and loved ones deserve to be recognized. We hope that these spotlights give others

If you know someone who showcases these qualities and believes would be a great fit to be the next Star Spotlight, contact us here.


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