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Two organizations that are supporting the future for children with challenges

Updated: Jun 4, 2022

How these adults and organizations are helping fuel a prosperous future for children with difficulties

Image source: Fox News

Growing up with a disability can be a significant challenge, and not having a strong foundation to turn to for support makes it even more difficult. Sponsors of the Future wants to acknowledge the powerful people and organizations that are giving these children the help they need to achieve their goals.

Grant’s House

Grant’s House is a facility founded in 2016, and strives to help children with difficulties and their families push through the various challenges they are faced with, and give their children the skills and resources they need to succeed. It was founded by Tamara House after her son Grant passed away in 2015.

Grant was born with a tumor in his brain, and surgeries caused him to have issues with his motor skills. Tamara knew that despite Grant’s challenges, he made every effort to ensure all those around him were happy, and she strives to do the same with Grant’s House.

Image source: Journal & Courier

Grant’s House is home to various programs which create a safe environment for families of children with challenges. One of these programs, Wabash Center’s Youth Services, recently held its 7th Annual "I'm Happy and I'm Alive” celebration. This is a fundraising event that supports both children and adults with disabilities. The donations raised were given to Grant’s House participants to attend an all-day summer camp, Camp #54.

A Field of Dreams - Where every child is included

In July of 2012, Christian Kane’s life changed drastically. A math teacher from New Jersey, Kane was driving with his son Gavin when they were hit by a fully loaded beer truck. Due to his injuries, Gavin lost his ability to walk and speak. However, Gavin could still add, write, and read on his own.

Image source: Fox News

Gavin is now eleven, and his father has noticed just how nonexclusive playgrounds are. Gavin wants to be able to play with other children, but the swings are the only item he is able to use.

Discouraged, Kane made it his mission to create a playground where any child can feel included.

This is where the Field of Dreams started.

This massive playground complex is all-inclusive and contains various features such as a pavilion, basketball court, miniature golf course, trampoline, zip line, bocce court, snack shack, and a large walking area. There is even a quiet area, so anyone who is overstimulated can have a relaxing area to calm down.

Stories like this are the reason that Sponsors of the Future exist. Our passion lies in making sure any child with difficulties grows up with as many resources and opportunities as possible to create a successful future. No family or child should feel excluded because of a disability, and these powerful stories show how important this support is.



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