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Three activities for the last few weeks of June that are educational and entertaining

Teach your kids new skills with these holiday-specific activities you can do anywhere

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Warm weather, swimming with your friends and most importantly no school! Children everywhere look forward to summertime throughout the school year. However, parents of children with difficulties may worry about finding fun and practical activities to help keep their children entertained. These activities for the month of June are not only fun but filled with sensory stimulation and educational aspects to give children exciting ways to spend their summer days.

Superhero Superfoods: Getting Kids to Eat Healthily

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Trying to teach children to eat healthy foods can be difficult, but creating activities that make the experience exciting is a great tool for parents. June 13th through 17th is healthy eating week, so it is the perfect time for parents to introduce food-related activities such as the Superhero Superfoods Guide.

With this activity, parents can compare various healthy foods to superheroes that kids know and love. For example, Iron Man needs to eat foods such as tofu and broccoli because they are high in iron and keep him strong so he can save the world. This will create excitement for children to eat the same foods as superheroes, and teach them why eating healthy is important.

Celebrating the Summer Solstice

June 21st is the first official day of summer, and the longest day of the year, which calls for some exciting activities to celebrate. A great sensory activity to celebrate this day is gardening. Parents can create a seed planting box to help teach their children about gardening and the process of how their plants grow. Along with their parents, children can fill a small pot or seed tray with soil, plant various seeds that are in season, and assist with watering while they watch the plant grow. This is educational and is a great way for parents to help teach their children about having routine tasks. They will have to remember what day and time they need to water their plants so they can grow, and focus on making sure they don't make a mess while doing so. Warm weather calls for outdoor activities, so starting off the summer by helping beautiful plants grow is a great activity for these children.

The Queen’s Jubilee

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70 years ago, Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor accepted her position as the Queen of England and has held the title since. This year marks her platinum jubilee, a celebration held in June to honor and celebrate her ruling. There are various activities for children that can be themed around this jubilee. Races are a great way for kids to get their daily exercise in, and have fun in the sun. The “Afternoon Tea Tray Race” or the “Cup of Tea Relay Race” are two perfect choices for parents to put together for their children. The Queen’s Jubilee was on June 6th, but it is not too late to celebrate with your loved one!

In the Afternoon Tea Tray Race, kids balance an entire plastic tea set on top of their head (a teapot, spoons, small plates, etc.) and attempt to run to the end of the finish line without dropping any of the items. For the Cup of Tea Relay Race, parents fill a bucket with cool water and herbal tea bags. Then kids line up and run to the bucket, fill up a teacup, go back to the line and empty their cup into a container. This continues until everyone in line has gone, and whichever group had the most filled container wins. These two races are a fantastic way to teach kids about balance, exercise, and patience, and allow them to have a fun-filled summer day outside.

Parents should not have to stress about making sure their children can have fun over the summer.

SoF wants to highlight these great activities to show just how easy it is to give children activities that are entertaining and informative. Kids deserve to have a summer to remember, and parents deserve easy tips and ideas to help make that happen.



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