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These Apple updates will create an advanced user experience for disabled individuals

Apple takes a massive step towards inclusivity by implementing various upgrades into their products to assist those with difficulties.

Image source: Timi David

Nowadays, it feels as though nearly everyone owns at least one Apple product. This tech company has become one of the most well-known businesses in the world, and everyone deserves to be able to use their products without difficulty. Sponsors of the Future is aware that some people may have difficulties using a phone, and Apple is taking a step at preventing that. Here are just a few of the software upgrades Apple has implemented in their products this May to support those with disabilities.

Giving those with low vision a chance to know what's in their camera roll

Not everyone has the benefit of being able to see the various images they have saved on their phones, which is why Apple is making upgrades for their system to be more inclusive. Apple already implemented Image Descriptions to their VoiceOver system, which would read the user a brief description of what was in the photo. But now, that system is becoming even more advanced.

Image source: Apple

With their latest upgrade, low-vision iPhone users can analyze every aspect of a photo, from any text or small detail in the background that appears. The newest version of VoiceOver will allow the user to scan the photo like a receipt and it will analyze every single small detail it includes. Before, VoiceOver was limited to the basic key details of the photo. Now, those with limited vision can feel included and be able to know exactly what is in their camera roll.

Avoiding Overstimulation with Background Sounds

For those with difficulties, becoming overstimulated by everyday noises can be a major issue. Basic sounds like cars passing by or a dog barking can cause distress, and Apple wants to take a stand to help these people. That is why they have incorporated a background noise feature into their iPhone settings. If the feature is turned on, the user can play sounds of rain, the ocean, and various other calming noises. These sounds can be played while the user is using other apps on their phone. That way, they can relax and stay calm even when various external noises are going on around them. This may not seem like a major issue, but for those who suffer from becoming overstimulated, this is something that can take a toll on their daily life. Having an easy way to block out the excessive noise around them is key to being able to stay calm and focused.

Assistive touch for Apple Watches for Those with Movement issues in Their Hands

Image source: Apple

Apple Watches are one of the most technologically advanced Apple products. They can measure your blood levels, and even send your family an emergency text if you were to fall or go into cardiac arrest. But are they useable for those who may not have complete mobility in both of their hands? That is why Apple is implementing assistive touch technology in their watches.

With assistive touch, Apple Watches will utilize built-in motion sensors and their heart rate sensor to detect certain muscle and tendon movements from the user. This will allow the user to utilize certain hand motions, such as a fist, to operate their Apple Watch. This feature is a phenomenal advancement for Apple becoming more inclusive, and making sure anyone is able to use their products.

At Sponsors of the Future, we are well aware that those facing difficulties may feel excluded when trying to operate technology as other users can. That is why we wanted to highlight these incredible Apple upgrades. These small advancements in their technology will make a massive impact on those who need the extra support and may give other businesses the motivation they need to become more inclusive.



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