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Exploring patient support therapeutic programs and technologies: The Genesis Foundation

Updated: Jun 4, 2022

The organization reveals its passion for service through the support of children with rare diseases or genetic disorders and their families

Sponsors of the Future goes above and beyond by facilitating solid connections and partnerships between healthcare and life science businesses, special needs caregivers, and educators dedicated to creating an environment with a variety of practical support programs and real-world solutions for patient challenges.

This week we are spotlighting one organization that goes above and beyond to support children with individualized care needs. Meet The Genesis Foundation.

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What is The Genesis Foundation?

The Genesis Foundation funds and administers services that treat families affected by a rare disease or genetic disorder from conception through adulthood. Specifically, it funds The Feingold Center for Children and its satellite clinics, therapeutic programs, assistive technologies, and other services that allow doctors and staff to provide integrated care.

Image Source: Ksenia Chernaya

What are The Genesis Foundation’s therapeutic programs?

The Genesis Foundation funds several therapeutic programs that allow children and young adults with rare diseases or genetic disorders the opportunity to participate in traditional arts and recreational programs. These programs benefit children by providing them with rewarding experiences from which they will grow and develop confidence.

The Genesis Foundation provides music therapy programs, educational programs, sports programs, and even a therapeutic horseback riding program. For example, Adaptive Sports at Franciscan Children’s provides a recreational and therapeutic outlet for youth ages 4 to 22 in the Boston area. Lovelane, the therapeutic Horseback Riding Program is a pediatric, therapeutic horseback riding program that dramatically impacts the physical and cognitive development of children with special needs.

What types of assistive technology does The Genesis Foundation provide?

To relieve families of the financial burden and provide children with a healthy and happy upbringing, The Genesis Foundation helps cover the costs of some devices. The assistive technology they provide includes communication devices, wearable technology, mobility devices, and learning devices.

Communication devices such as iPads can be used for communicating with non-verbal children. Wearables such as specialized footwear, corrective lenses, leg braces, and hearing aids are also all funded by The Genesis Foundation. Mobility devices such as adaptive electric strollers or bicycles and learning devices such as Braille computers for visually-impaired students are also funded.

What other support does The Genesis Foundation provide for parents?

In addition to The Genesis Foundation's support for children afflicted with rare diseases or genetic disorders, they also offer programs that support parents, such as MotherToBaby MA.

MotherToBaby is a confidential, free information service in the New England area that helps pregnant or breastfeeding women, their families, and their health care providers by giving them reliable information about the potential risks of exposure before and during pregnancy.

The Genesis Foundation corporate sponsorships:

The Genesis Foundation relies on many types of marketing, sponsorship, and cause-marketing initiatives. To fulfill its mission, The Genesis Foundation creates mutually-beneficial relationships with sponsors eager to help the cause while also satisfying corporate objectives. The Genesis Foundation encourages potential sponsors to:

  • Support one of our extraordinary programs

  • Select a sponsorship package for one of our special events

  • Donate goods or services for our auctions, raffle, or attendee gifts

  • Work on a promotional partnership

  • Get your company involved with Employee Giving

  • Hold an event to benefit The Genesis Foundation

  • Create a new sponsorship opportunity

In all, The Genesis Foundation aims to make a difference in the lives of patients with rare diseases or genetic disorders and their families. They are passionate about their work and ask for help through sponsorships to benefit their cause.



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