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Co-Founder and Managing Partner

With a passion for nurturing the next generation, Suzy is a member of the senior marketing faculty and board of advisors at Emerson College.  As an educator and author of two books, including youth leadership communication and life skills, she is passionate about developing programs that meet the needs of neurodivergent kids.


Suzy has spent much of her industry experience honing her ability to pinpoint market gaps in which companies can find their niche. Fueled by her experience as a prominent member of both the local Boston and global healthcare system, Suzy has taken it upon herself to take on a key gap that current healthcare systems fail to address. In co-founding SoF, Suzy’s vision is to create an ecosystem that families can rely on to help children with disabilities accomplish what others say is impossible.  


Suzy also serves as the Managing Partner and Founder of BDMT Global, a five-time award-winning outsourced business development and marketing firm for companies trying to break into the US market. This year Suzy was named one of the head mentors for the Spring 2022 MassBio Cohort, a renowned global pharmaceutical bio and medical hub.

"As an educator and a business professional, I have always tried to bridge the gap between the classroom and the real world. I am very passionate about creating the same bridge for our kids with different abilities as the current programs have limitations and are not as inclusive. This is why I co-founded SoF. There are many companies and professionals who strongly believe in inclusivity and want to do something about it."
-Co-Founder, Suzy Im

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Are you losing hope that the healthcare system will help your child in need?

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