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PURIPOT Mobile M1+ Portable / Personal Air Purifier for Car, Room, Office with USB, VOC Sensor, HEPA Filters Upgrade Version, Blue Light PCO, 23db, CES 2020 Innovation Award Winner from Las Vegas.


About this item:


  • No Filter Replacement Required - Puripot completely decompose and remover harmful substances in the air by using blue light PCO technology instead of filtering through a filter. This allows permanent use without the need for filterless.


  • Blue Light PCO Technology - Puripot essentials indoor fresheners, which has a dual cleaner structure, first decomposes large and ultrafine dust, and then removes harmful gas and odors through the PCO honeycombo module developed by itself. Finally, clean air is completed. Dust air purifier.


  • VOC Sensor - Puripot has an additional air quality monitoring function with VOC gas sensor. You can set the air purifier AUTO mode that will automatically control the fan speed based on the environment air quality. Mini air purifiers for car.


  • No Ozone & No UV - Other products that use ordinary UV lamps react with oxygen in the air to release ozone. However, Puripot smart cleaners using blue LED on light, a lamp used in everyday life. The ozone emission test has been conducted and the value of the puripot is 0.002ppm, which corresponds to one-twenty fifth (1/25) of the internationally accepted standard value of 0.05ppm.


  •  2020 CES Innovation Winner from Las Vegas - Puripot's PCO technology was recognized for its innovation and won the Technology Innovation Award at CES2020, the world's largest electronic show in Las Vegas.

PURIPOT Mobile M1+ Portable / Personal Air Purifier

  • Actual Price : $139 + $20 Donation

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