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Nail POP Nail Beauty Device Pink, Includes 10 Sheets of Nail Cartridge, Pink, Digital Mobile Printer, Printable Sticker, Wireless Portable Nail Device via App, Unlimited Design, DIY, Personalize


  • DESIGN WITH YOUR SMARTPHONE: Simply download 'Nailpop' app on your mobile and you can create your own design! Print them after connecting through Bluetooth. You can also post your design on the app with hashtags and communicate with other app users.


  • DYE SUBLIMATION: Our printer uses 6 pass dye sublimation method providing bold and vivid color. Our innovative CMYK Printing method makes it more vivid. It will make it easier for you to customize and create your own stickers for various uses.


  • UNLIMITED DESIGN: You can use free unlimited designs provided for you when you are struggling with the design! They are created by globally popular nail artists and other app users. If you wish to create your own design, you can easily customize it on our mobile app and it is done! When you are feeling different, simply re-do your nails without going through the hassle of going to the salon.


  • HANDY & TRENDY: Our innovative technology has won numerous awards making it the simplest tool to change your nails. Not only modern but also handy due to its compact size makes it portable to carry in your purse.


  • Includes 1 unit of Nail POP Nail Sticker Cartridge – Load the 10 sheets of Nail POP nail sticker paper into your portable printer and create water resistant stickers for your daily styling.

Nail POP Nail Beauty Device

  • Actual Price : $159.99 + $20 Donation

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