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Co-Founder & President

Jake, an industry expert in biotechnology and pharmaceuticals, changed his professional focus in search of answers to a lifelong question. Navigating healthcare for his daughter with disabilities, Jake found himself frustrated with the lack of practical support for his family due to overmedicalization and greater emphasis on curative treatments. He spent many years developing drugs for everything from rare diseases to COVID-19 but found a severe lack of connection between his work and the people they are meant to serve. 

After witnessing these gaps firsthand, Jake knew that more could be done from a pharmaceutical standpoint to make a more significant impact on the daily lives of the people they aimed to serve. By founding SoF, Jake is on a mission to connect more patient communities with the care they critically need, with an intimate understanding that it goes beyond scientific treatments.


Jake has accumulated over 20 years of industry experience working with global pharmaceutical leaders such as Pfizer, Lonza, Shire, Amgen, and Takeda, among other multinational companies. As a biotechnology and biopharmaceutical researcher, Jake serves at the forefront of the SoF ecosystem, using his scientific background to guide the direction of the programs and align it with the most current medical research and treatments.

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Are you losing hope that the healthcare system will help your child in need?

We want to help you.

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