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Sponsorship & Students

Caroline is a young woman who wears many different hats. She is a current student at Brown University studying Applied Mathematics/Economics and East Asian Studies and has spent her time outside of school involved in countless organizations, such as Fashion@Brown and Brown-RISD Hillel, and worked in marketing, purchasing, tutoring, and even a Dunkin Donuts Crew Member. Outside of school, she excels in figure skating, writing, and the piano.

Growing up with a brother with autism, Caroline knows firsthand that supporting children like her brother requires wearing many hats – it involves the cultivation of his life and social skills, building up his self-advocacy capabilities, and promoting inclusivity in the community. She joined SoF to help create an organization capable of wearing those many hats and can coordinate all of the working pieces for the singular goal of honing each child’s strengths and developing their weaknesses.

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