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Community page -Sponsors of the Future and Nail POP: Caring for the Caregivers


Sponsors of the Future is honored to have a community that allows us to create powerful, impactful movements.


Sponsors of the Future has partnered with Nail POP to support caregivers' “me-time.”


​Oftentimes, caregivers focus so heavily on the needs of those they are taking care of, that they neglect to spend time on themselves.

Sponsors of the Future is honored to be able to help our community of caregivers with such a powerful movement. The work they do, day after day is so important, so we are dedicated to making sure they are being appreciated.

Thank you so much to all of our supporters for being a part of this community that can create these powerful movements. Without your help, this would not have been possible.

Our community of caregivers have shared their experiences with the Nail POP device. See what they have to say!

“Overall, easy to use. Fun designs with lots of options to choose from and a fun activity with kids!  The nails looked very nice, and it is a cute and compact printer that is easy to store at home and take anywhere”


-SoF Caregiver, a working mother of 4 boys who is constantly balancing her work and home life.


Absolutely love and recommend this product!

“When I received the Nail POP package, I was extremely excited to open it. The packaging is every girl’s dream. The bright pink got my attention and made me feel like a young girl again. The printer is light, compact and easy to carry around in my purse. Doing my nails has been given a whole new meaning.”


-SoF Caregiver/  working mom/ / Director of Diversity & Inclusion.

Creating life long memories!

“NailPOP is a great activity, especially for young kids to do with their parents or grandparents. It is easy to use and will create memories that will last a lifetime.”


-SoF caregiver, a working mother of 2

Pink Sugar

Are you a caregiver or a sponsor?

Would you like to participate in this campaign?

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