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Patient Advocacy

Alexandra is a current student in Brown University’s eight-year BS/MD program. As an undergraduate, she studies Anthropology and Biology and is fascinated by the intersection between the two. Alexandra focuses on the determinants of one’s health and wellbeing that extend outside the workings of our bodies. Outside of school, she works on research on preeclampsia and Okur-Chung Neurodevelopmental Syndrome (OCNDS), a rare condition that affects under 200 individuals worldwide, including her younger sister. She focuses on highlighting the patient and caregiver experience to create a world where doctors can support patients the way patients need.


Watching her younger sister grow up, she was aware from a young age that medicine does not cure everything and that the healthcare system does not support everyone the same way. As part of SOF, she hopes that she will be able to equip other young adults aspiring to go into medicine with tools to support all patients, no matter their ability.

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